A project exploring working processes and practices.

The Idea:

Manchester cloth was historically a huge part of Manchester’s heritage and economy; referring to corduroy fabric or printed cloth for the African market.

‘Manchester cloth’ is a term associated with trade and commerce.

This project gives four manchester-based makers the opportunity to trade work and ideas within the group thereby expanding their own cache of creativity.

In the first instance we outlined the project as an experiment to see if we could work collectively towards an exhibition. We are all interested in the processes involved in making and learning as individuals as well as a collective and plan to document the project as it progresses.

Within a limited timescale we will initially create a piece of work, or an idea to be worked on, which will be passed on to a different member of the group to respond to.

The trade of artworks will prompt the exchange of ideas, techniques, and working practice.

The Participants:

Gemma Lacey

Predominantly working with print and book making to explore relationships with our environment.

Helen Mather

Artist working with textiles and garment construction within a narrative setting.

Mandy Tolley

Textile artist specialising in computerised machine embroidery , screen print and digital print to produce textile products and embroidered illustrations.

Kiran Williams

Artist working mainly with textiles to merge interior and exterior landscapes.

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