Open Day Reflections

Overall a resounding success exceeding expectations left, right and centre.

The following six photos take us around the room left to right.

Boxes just beyond the piano.

General feedback was very positive and we would like to thank all those who visited us and encourage all those who did not to come along to our next event.

The event was an informal and interactive experience for us the hosts and our guests. The rituals of making tea and offering biscuits punctuated the guided tours of the exhibition.


The domestic environment was fitting for the aesthetic of the work and indicative of the individual practices which had generated this body of work.


Boxes Window Installation

Guests responded to having the process of the project divulged by us, the artists and this seemed to be a major aspect of people’s enjoyment of the exhibition.

Bunny Ears in the foreground.

Bunny Ears and Bridges

It was interesting to have the exhibition populated, ideas and methods discussed, as important if not more important to us than the works themselves.

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