Exquisite Corpse Open Day

Phew, it has taken a while to catch our breath after the event! We all had a brilliant day, with over 70 visitors we didn’t get much of a chance to take photos.  We spent most of our time talking people around the work which seemed to help people engage with it and also gave us another chance for reflection.  We had some great feedback and some thought provoking questions and suggestions which is what we have been taken up with  in the few weeks since. Some of those questions were asked by Annie Harrison who wrote a kind and thoughtful review of the show on her blog after she had been to visit us -Thank you Annie!

More photos to come, but for now here are some of the questions that have arisen -where is the line between our individual and group work? How do we go on from here? Do we continue to show the work with more ‘ one day- all hands on deck’ shows  or longer exhibitions where our personal tours are replaced by audio guides? Answers to follow….

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