Rabbit Hood 3

Working with the character of the piece Gemma was inspired by textile artefacts and techniques that she may use from time to time but not necessarily within creative work. There is an Egyptian top in the Whitworth Gallery that is gossimar thin and appears to be heavily darned so the darning seems all that is left of it. This idea of darning was also in response to the structure and colour of the Hessian that makes up the hood and cloak.

Hood and cloak decoratively darned with a variety of yarns, some hand dyed and hand spun.

Gemma has decoratively darned the hood and cloak with hand spun yarns some of which are dyed with natural dyestuffs like onion. One of the yarns is spun yak darn and is very soft. These were materials Gemma had stored away awaiting use or inspiration.

In order to explore the character of the piece Gemma also photographed Bunnyears and produced a beak book (so called for its structure). Photographs of the hood and cloak in autumnal sunshine against a backdrop of leaves and shadows evoke childhood playtime and the essence of autumn.

Gemma felt looking back she had been less conscious of the piece being passed on, worrying about how to leave it for the next person and instead responded in a much more instinctive way to qualities within the piece.

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  1. Andy Magee says:

    Really love this piece!

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