Boxes 3

Mandy had had an almost gut instinct, strong response to aspects of Helens work on the “Boxes” piece. To Helen the most satisfying response to the boxes was a photograph of a folded piece of satin with an embroidered motif. In the picture the folds in the cloth stand out as a geometric structure of light and shadow that is very striking.

Mandy felt drawn to the patchwork piece Helen produced, starching and stitching down the pieces as Helen had laid them out, in one corner in a regular pattern, in the opposite corner breaking out of the structure into a jumble of patches. The whole cloth then was given folds similar to the satin in the photograph, making the surface much more 3d, inspired by the photograph.

Patchwork piece embroidered and creased to provide structure.

Mandy was also inspired by the military character of the brooches Helen had developed from the pattern of the boxes. She has incorporated the military badge of her grandfather, who during the war flew for the navy inSquadron 816.

Using her industrial embroidery machine Mandy scanned in the badge and reworked it to produce the motif in the centre of the patchwork piece. She felt it was important to incorporate some personal imagery in response to the elements introduced to the piece by Helen.

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