Second Exchange – Bridges (2)

One interpretation of the Bridges print realised in stitch.

A second interpretation of the Bridges print

Mandy went to visit the place where Kiran took inspiration for ‘Bridges’ though it had changed and there was now a lot more foliage.  The challenge was then for Mandy to interpret the print in her own way.  Focusing on mark making and specifically the negative areas in the print she introduced colours of thread where chinecolle papers hid under the black ink.of the original work.

Mandy’s own practice involves computerised machine embroidery. She found the work developing two strands, a piece developed directly from the print-same scale but introducing colour and texture through stitch, and a more personal response taking elements of the print and introducing motifs she might use in her own work. Both pieces were left on larger pieces of fabric, by way of an invitation to the next practioner.

Practical considerations played a large part in the development, for example, the machine works at an optimum scale that is larger than the print and meant that the direct translation into stitch was a restricted exercise. Mandy feels she might take away the idea of stitching onto coloured fabrics and use this more in her own work

These pieces have gone to Helen

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