Pony (2)

pony 2 detail

Gemma felt that she faced the challenge of an ‘impenetrable photo’.  This photo of a kneeler from a church seemed so far removed from the original piece Gemma felt she wanted to restore some of the qualities and  integrity of the object.

Attempts to distress the surface by kneeling on the photo, then walking and dancing over it, were very gradual. A bodkin was used to pierce the surface in the pattern of the holes where stitches would be. This breaks up the gloss of the surface and adds texture.

Exploring the tension of the surface and seeking texture pushing the photo towards the surface qualities of the object, back to fabric. Texture-approachable.

To this end the photo was backed in hessian partly to hold the surface together but also introducing layers and a softer edge. The neutral hessian also contrasts with the bright colours of the threads reproduced in photographic ink.

Mandy said she was anticipating a book, Helen commented that she would have approached the image of the horse and not thought of the object so much which was interesting, Gemma emphasized she did treat the surface as an object.

This piece has gone to Kiran

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