Rabbit Hood (2)

Taking the Bunny Ears Hood as a starting point I added my own flights of fancy, butterflies printed in buff binder and a cloak. Kiran

I experienced difficulty of my own work not being autobiographical or illustrative. The hood made me think of dressing up – something I used to do a great deal of when younger and still do when I have the chance for a party or similar occasion.

Dressing up always involves a cloak for me so I wanted to make a cloak to go with the hood. I have been drawing and printing some butterflies in other projects and they seemed to lend themselves to the fantasy dream like qualities of the hood. The hessian was both a  problem for printing on and an inspiration, I printed the butterflies using puff binder, this sinks into the open weave of the fabric and expands with the warp and weft as a mould so that the image is pixilated to almost look like stitching.

I photographed the hood and cloak on a coat stand as if at the end of play or a long day’s ‘work’.

This piece has gone to Gemma

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