Boxes (2)

Helen's reworking of the folding Boxes

Helen had experienced multiple ideas in response to the boxes. Their qualities as objects appealed and she was excited about making some brooches based on the same folds. Also the idea of clothing customised to incorporate folded box forms. She felt like an impatient child with lots of ideas and found it a challenge to resolve the competing strains of thought in a satisfying manner. She looked the box as template for patchwork, drawing on graph paper.

She designed a piece that would be a white box in the folds of which a network of coloured patches would be hidden, this regimented approach was frustrating, rigid and symmetrical she ended up scattering pieces of fabric and pinned them where they fell.

Returning to the brooches she made a range of brooches that had a military medal quality to them. This led to a mini revelation when she made one such brooch from a piece of reclaimed embroidered satin, something satisfying about the material and the play of light and shadow over the surface.


Complexity of interpreting something far removed from own creative instincs. Ways of working -Mandy thinking and planning before starting, Helen trying things out, playing with materials, Gemma’s approach of thinking of pieces as ‘sketchbook’ exercises.

Helen – craving depth of collaboration with another as part of her own practice, levels of learning / working.  Discussions of knowing own practice, brick walling, not resolving, relying on previous experience, ‘cheat’, patterns of working, idea of brief, beginning, pattern breaking.

This piece has gone to Mandy

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